Litheum is a new Layer-1 Blockchain with a Novel Consensus Mechanism, a Real Web3 Platform that offers scale and security far beyond what any other Blockchain can achieve.

Litheum believes in win-win economic principles, where every transaction is incentivized.

The blockchain industry is often deeply encoded and encrypted, difficult to comprehend and even harder to feel emotionally. We found blockchain brands often either lacked character or are too grandiose and abstract. We wanted to design a visual language that is energetic, hopeful, and inspiring, actually have it reminiscent of the future that the technology promises.

Litheum is built on the "First Principle" in Economics, and is adamant that every transaction is to be incentivized, that every data "farmer" wins, hence the "win-win" notion of the brand. Litheum is a startup that is breaking into a crowded space, hoping to contribute to the realization of decentralization at global scale.

Litheum has gathered significant interest at Singapore Blockchain Week 2022, and is attracting the second round of funding from tech investors in both Asia and North America.

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