Meat is in both Toronto and Beijing.
Meat believes in open-mindedness, diversity, and honesty.
Meat believes design should bridge the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Ronald Tau Founder, Creative Director Beijing, Toronto
Yuying Shao Studio Manager, Project Manager Beijing
Geng Yuxuan Designer Beijing
Nan Zhou Designer Beijing
Yuexin Pang Designer Beijing
Ann Zhang Designer Beijing
Akbar Khatir Partner, Strategist, Art Director Toronto
Pete Florentini Art Director, Designer Toronto
Phoebe Wong Designer Toronto
April Dang Designer Toronto
  • Adidas Sports Shanghai
  • Big Small Coffee Food & Beverage Beijing
  • Dickies Fashion Beijing
  • Jing A Food & Beverage Beijing
  • K11 Real Estate Beijing
  • Mid-Day Squares Food & Beverage Montreal
  • Myth Monkey Beer Food & Beverage Wuhu
  • NBA Playzone Sports, Education Beijing
  • Nike Sports Beijing
  • Pangmei Noodles Food & Beverage Beijing
  • Peiping Machine Food & Beverage Beijing
  • Pinpoint Beauty Shanghai
  • SLOWBOAT Food & Beverage Beijing
  • Tencent Entertainment Beijing
  • TIAGO Food & Beverage Beijing
  • Tingdong Film Entertainment Shanghai
  • TR她热 Fashion Shanghai
  • UCCA Arts & Culture Beijing
  • VOGUE film Fashion Beijing
  • WAB Education Beijing
  • WAJIJIWA Entertainment Beijing
  • WF Central Real Estate Beijing

ADC 102nd Annual Awards 2023
Shortlisted in Branding Category

ADC 102nd Annual Awards 2023
Shortlisted in Packaging Design Category

Communication Arts 2023
Award of Excellence (Typography)

Hiiibrand Awards 2021
Bronze Award (Professional, Identity)

Hiiibrand Awards 2021
Nomination (Professional, Identity)

Applied Arts Design Awards
Winner (Typography)

APD (Asia-Pacific Design) 2022
Annual Recommendation Program

APD (Asia-Pacific Design) 2022
Annual Selection Program

Type Director's Club
Certificate of Typographic Excellence

Hiiibrand Awards 2020
Merit Award (Professional, Identity)

Applied Arts
Best Book Design

Tokyo Type Directors Club
Excellent Works

Asia Pacific Design 17
Best Design (Branding)

Silver Award in Best Branding, Judge Award (Taku Satoh)

Award360°100 Design Award
Best Branding of the Year

Best Packaging in F&B

GDC Graphic Design in China
Silver Award for Best Branding

Macau Design Awards
Gold in Branding

Award360°100 Design Award
Best Branding of the Year

CMA MUSIC AWARDS Album Design of the Year
Design of the Year