Making beer more enjoyable to a younger audience

Making beer more enjoyable to a younger audience

Myth Monkey Beer is a local Chinese beer brand located in 芜湖 Wuhu, serving beer at different pubs in China. The brewery stands out for its variety of fruit based flavours answering to a flavour palette of a younger audience.

It’s brand story derives from the Chinese myth 水猴子 or 水鬼 and tells the story of a monkey residing in water. The monkey and type design stylistically borrow from Eastern and Western culture to respond to a global audience and the brewery’s international partnership. Both logo, English and Chinese type are customised and unify the entire family of beer labels.

We created a logo that uses one single type treatment for Chinese and English. The letters are shaped to connect to the story of the water monkey.

MMB's fruit flavours form a diverse beer selection so we gave every label a unique color palette representing its flavour.

The monkey on top of the beer cap is a nice little surprise. It gives Myth Monkey beer extra recognition and customer awareness.