Phone Down. Lace Up.

Phone Down. Lace Up.

Lace up gives space for children to experience sport in a communal context with other children under the supervision of sports coaches. Lace Up gets kids to move and have fun with sport, together with other kids.

Meat studio defined the branding and positioning by making the brand appealing for both children and parents by promoting that exercising can be fun! Meat also provided the logo, VI and environmental graphics.

Meet Bally! Bally is Lace Up's mascot and he really enjoys to work out together with the other kids!

As soon as kids enter the space, all defining elements are clear and lead them independently to all sports areas. Just follow the sports lines on the ground, fun and easy!

We gave Bally unique features for every sports level. Beginners are 'Mini Kickers', the most advanced are 'Home Runners'.