Read and Rest Hotel is a boutique hotel for readers. The identity highlights the concepts of "space" and "reading", foregoing style and curating white space for idle reflection, allowing the visitor to the hotel and to the city to form a visual narrative of their own. Candid photography of cities of china contributed by 16 Hon and Jeff Yiu.

"Read and Rest Hotel, nestled amongst the winding allys of Beijing's Xiang'Er Hutong, is a boutique hotel stocked with a global roster of print publications." - @dezeen

"Though the habit of reading can happen essentially anywhere, incorporating a library into a hotel highlights and promotes this action" - Office AIO

Read and Rest Hotel

Visual Identity
Creative and Art Direction
Spatial Graphics Design


Office AIO 

A city guide detailing points of interest within the hutongs of Beijing, sharing stories of their historical and cultural signficance. Designed and printed as compliments to tourists and visitors to Read and Rest Hotel.

Design and Identity

Beijing and Toronto